Simplify agreement process

Though agreements are a vital part of the business, the contracting process is unnecessarily tiresome and nobody enjoys it.

That is why we simplify the agreement process, making it cost-efficient, swift, and enjoyable for all parties involved. We envision a world where businesses can focus on growth and innovation, leaving the tedious paperwork behind.


About us

Signify was founded in early 2021, during the pandemic period, when the majority of businesses shifted to remote working. These days made ordinary contracting processes (pen & paper) nearly impossible and forced businesses to transform the way they agree.

"Why don't we start an eSignature startup?" - and that's where it started. In just three months, we launched our freemium MVP version, offering users a firsthand experience of digital signatures. Within six months, we validated our product-market fit, which drove us to invest even more in our mission.

Today, we take pride in having reached over 500,000 unique users, all of whom have experienced our e-signing experience at least once.

Meet our executive team

Zviad TsotskolauriCo-Founder, CEO
Alexander NemsadzeCo-Founder, CTO
Aleksandre ChkeidzeHead of Sales
Nino UngiadzeHead of Marketing

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