Optimize your financial paperwork

Digitize financial document workflows, so you can sign and manage documents without the hassle of printing, scanning, or mailing. Fast, intuitive, and fully compliant with regulations.

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Convenient throughout the entire workflow

No need to be involved

Stay updated about the real-time status of financial documents. The platform allows you to monitor the progress of document signing, approval, or rejection. You'll also receive notifications if any signer fails to complete the signing process.


Store and manage

Effortlessly store, organize, and manage all your documents in one central location. Quickly locate documents using various criteria like recipient, company name, and document date. Collaborate with your team, create folders, and manage access with ease.


Easy to sign

Sign or get it signed with ease from any location, on any device. Signify is fully optimized for mobile and desktop experiences, allowing signers to complete the process conveniently from wherever they are. Whether it's in the office, at home, or on the go, signing Financial documents has never been easier. No sign-up necessary for recipients.


Additional Security

If you wish to add an extra layer of security, choose one of these authentication methods for the signee: SMS verification, video identification, or qualified e-signature or company stamp certificate issued by a trust service provider. Signed documents are stored securely in the AWS cloud.


Integrate with your apps

Integrate Signify using REST API, Zapier, or by embedding Signify's iframe into your application to send and store documents within your existing programs seamlessly. Developers love Signify for its swift integration, often taking just a few hours.


The Signify experience in our clients' own words


"Switching to Signify has released a substantial amount of time and energy in our daily company operations. The close attention given by the Signify team to our requests is crucial for ongoing product improvements and development."