Eliminate papers from front offices

Reduce service time per client, eliminate manual errors, and save on paper costs by digitizing front desk contracts. Try Signify PADs and elevate your customer experience.

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Convenient throughout the entire workflow

Fast service

How can you enhance the service process in branches five times faster with Signify PAD? You no longer need to print documents for clients to sign by hand; instead, they can digitally sign on pad and documents will be saved safe.


Saved Costs

No more stacks and mountains of paperwork. Cut costs in the front office by eliminating the need for paper, printing, and storage. Create digital contracts, have them signed digitally, and store them in digital formats safely in the AWS cloud.


User-oriented experience

Create a better experience for your customers. They no longer need to handle papers, as all their signed documents will be seamlessly sent to their email or mobile. To add a personalized touch, you can display commercial images on the signature pad, giving your customers a unique and branded signing experience.


Safe storage

Instead of endless binders and extra storage rooms, all your documents can be safely stored in the cloud. Signify allows you to access your documents from any place, anytime and ensures that your paperwork is protected from physical damage, loss or unauthorized entries.


Examined signature

The signatures on the Signify pad are examined by Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau. So you don’t need to worry about authentication of the document. 


The Signify experience in our clients' own words


"We've already cleared out one physical archive, and soon we'll be emptying another. Employees are also happy, because they finish "closing the day" in 10 minutes instead of 30-40 minutes and go home earlier."


,,Documents signed with Signify Pad no longer need to be printed, verified with a wet signature and archived. Instead, all documents are securely stored on a server, accessible and searchable whenever needed."