Keep procurement process simple

Forget time-consuming printing, scanning, or mailing documents back and forth. From purchase orders to supplier contracts, digitize the entire workflow with Signify.

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Convenient throughout the entire workflow

Send and track

Easily send documents with just three clicks using templates. Keep a real-time track of who has viewed, signed, and whose signature is pending.


Store and Manage

Effortlessly store, organize, and share manage your procurement documents in one central location. Quickly locate documents using various criteria like recipient, company name, and document date. Collaborate with your team, create folders, and manage access with ease.



Create predefined approval workflows that align with your organisation's hierarchy, specifying the appropriate individuals or teams involved at each stage. Automation of document routing, notifications, and reminders, ensure a streamlined and consistent approval process. Approve documents from anywhere, anytime and any device, save significant time. 


Use advanced identity verification

Signify offers additional signature methods to meet your specific needs. Our methods include the use of qualified e-signature or company stamps certificate issued by a trust service provider. Rest assured, all signatures are legally binding and compliant with relevant regulations and standards.



Templates will help you simplify routine processes, so that you can send documents in 3 clicks. Create templates for frequently repeated processes and share them with your team.


The Signify experience in our clients' own words


,,In the beginning, we found that many companies were not ready to sign a contract without a wet signature. In a very short time, everyone became convinced that this is one of the most comfortable, smooth, and easy ways to reach an agreement between the two parties. Eventually, we achieved the best results, and today, we sign various types of documents with hundreds of employees and more than 500 partner companies every day, most importantly, digitally.”


"We have been cooperating with Signify for a year, and during the month, an average of 700 documents are electronically signed, including HR and procurement, both with suppliers and employees. For me, as a business process analyst, it is very important when I can follow the process of signing and signing documents in real time."